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Matthew 25 Mission


We are a Matthew 25 Congregation.  Our Matthew 25 mission is to engage the discipleship of Delmar Presbyterian Church to be cognizant of social, economic, and environmental justice. 


The Matthew 25 invitation focuses on Matthew 25: 31-46, the parable of the sheep and goats in which Jesus makes clear, that what we do matters to God and how we treat others is important to God.

When we welcome others, we welcome Christ; when we bring together people who are divided, we are doing God’s reconciling work.  We are called to serve Jesus by contributing to the well-being of the most vulnerable in all societies – rural and urban, small and large, young and not-so-young. 

Since Joining the Matthew 25 community, DPC has participated in many initiatives as a congregation including book studies, speakers on social topics, service events and support for locally owned diverse organizations such as Soul Fire Farm.

Earth Care Task Force Mission

In 2020, DPC became a certified Earth Care Congregation by the PC(USA). Since that time, the Earth Care Task Force is leading our community in ethical and moral ways to take care of all God's creation. 

In November 2020, DPC's Earth Care Taskforce created a resolution for the church, followed by a petition to ask the State to consider moral and social reasons, not financial, when considering discount rates on carbon emissions.  

In fall 2021 and 2022, our Church School included extensive modules on creation.  In 2021, our children led us in work of reducing our use of plastics by creating teams and collecting ideas.  

DPC recently hosted a Climate Change Challenge event.

Local and Global Mission Outreach 

As a church community, Delmar Presbyterian is committed to loving our neighbors and helping those in need. Our outreach efforts help the hungry and the homeless, support children and families and seniors in need, encourage peacemaking and stewardship of the earth, and help those recovering from disasters.  Members are personally involved in charitable causes and vital service organizations, locally and globally.  

To learn more about some of the organizations with whom we collaborate, click on the links below:

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