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Christian Education (Faith Formation)

Our Christian Education program strives to nurture the minds and hearts of our congregation with faith and spiritual development.  We have education programs for everyone young and young-at-heart.  These programs help to build character and faith using creative props and/or weekly reflections.  


We are currently updating our library with current books and magazines in an effort to support our growing faith community. All resources are available to any member of the congregation.

Children's Program (K - 12)


Children's church begins at 9:15 am followed by worship with families at 10 am.


The church has a unique program where the children study a specific passage from the Bible for several weeks and create a special way to present what they have learned to the church community.

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Youth Program


DPC has a shared ecumenical program called the RPMs, which meets bi-weekly on Sunday evenings.  It is comprised of youth in grades 9 - 12 from Delmar Reformed Church, Delmar Presbyterian Church, and Delmar Methodist Church.  They youth do outreach work in our communities and cities and embark on one mission trip each year.

Confirmation classes are also held each year (subject to enrollment) where the youth discover more about their faith and the way that the church functions.

Adult Program


An adult bible study class is held each week on Monday mornings at 10 am.  All are welcome to attend.

Other opportunities to grow in faith, increase our understanding of the world around us, and explore how our faith and our culture intersect are offered throughout the year. 


As an Earth Care congregation, we strive to learn more about climate change and how to affect change on individual and corporate levels. 


As a Matthew 25 church, we are challenged to grow as people of faith. We do this in Bible studies and book studies which increase our awareness of evils that continue to plague our world: poverty and racism.

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