Advent Week 2: Peace - Tuesday

Luke 1:68-79

Zechariah and Elizabeth desparately wanted a child and month after month were disappointed. The Lord promised them a child, but as the years went by Zechariah doubted and in silence brooded. Here, Zechariah's silence is broken in praise and in a tender blessing for his soon-to-be-born son, John. However, what is particularly uplifting is that the focus is not primarily on himself or his own miraculous child, but on God's redemptive work for upcoming generations.

In what ways can you identify with Zechariah? Have the problems of life made you cynical or bitter? Does doubt gnaw at your faith? Have you experienced moments when you were left nearly breathless because of God's grace? Zechariah offers praises to the One who will come to guide our way into the way of peace. How can you follow the way of peace this week?

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