Advent Week 1: Hope - Wednesday

1 Thessalonians 3:9-13

On Sunday we lit the "candle of hope" in the Advent wreath. Believers in Paul's time expected Jesus to return during their lives. A vision of the "coming of our Lord Jesus" gave them hope as they faced difficult times. Anticipating the coming of the Lord, whether you conceive of it in a literal way or metaphorically in the experiences of individuals and the church, can give us encouragement as well. Faithful preparation and expectant or hope-filled living can help us face whatever comes. Paul's words of assurance were intended to "restore whatever is lacking" in the faith of the Thessalonians. His words are meant to support our faith and support us un our efforts to "increase and abound in love".

What is lacking in your faith that needs to be restored in this Advent season of waiting and preparation?

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