Advent Week 1: Hope - Monday

Jeremiah 33:12-16

Jeremiah lived in a time when stronger military powers, like Babylon, did as they pleased. A future of safety and prosperity seemed a feeble wish. Hope for a world of justice and peace if beyond our ability to "will" into being. Yet, while we are waiting for God to bring in the kingdom, aren't there ways for us to align ourselves with God's kingdom? This oracle looks beyond disaster to an age of peace and security, a hope anchored in God's trustworthiness and the people's return to righteous living. This text is read during Advent because of the early Christians' conviction that Jesus was the legitimate heir to David's kingdom, although in a realm that far transcended Jeremiah's imagining.

Israel at the time of this oracle or prophecy longed for safety and justice. What are our national hopes? What are your hopes for your life or your family or your church? How can you partner with God?

The Jews of Jesus' time had difficulty accepting him as the Messiah - Jesus did not fit their expectations of what the Messiah would be or do. How has/does Jesus' presence in your life upset your expectations?

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