Boards of Governance - 2022

Next session meeting is on Tuesday, February 15, 2022 via Zoom

(AR) Core ministry 

 topics include areas of worship and christian education

(AR) Care ministry 

topics include those of congregational life, communications, outreach, and  deacon support

(AR) Support ministry 

topics include those of church Administration, finance, building&grounds

*AR= area of responsibility

Starting in 2021 session is trying something new...combining several committees into one ministry area.  By doing this we eliminate the old style committee structure and invite overlap in ministry of the church.  Each of these ministry meetings will be publicized and open to the congregation.  We wish to bring more effective communication and action to our church in hopes of rejuvinating life inside and outside of our church.


Lynda Speilman, Clerk of Session

David Andersen 

Ravi Bolleddu

Jim Finke

Irene Harbison 

David Rees

Bill Storrs

Claiborne Walthall




Liza Ahner

Sarah Carroll

Ginny Gajewski

Mary Greagan

Tricia Hertz

Drew Hyde

Peggy Mull

Jean Sommerville