This is a group for all people of the church to come together and study passages in the Bible.  All are welcome to attend! Each week is independent and they meet in the library.  It is facilitated by Carol Scott.

Mondays @ 10am.  

Wednesday study groups


Starting January 22, 2020  we will be following the discussion guide and dvd series "Tex Mix".  It follows 20 tales tailored to your teaching, preaching, and devotional use.  All of this will be presented by Tex Sample who was a big part of the "Living the Questions" series we've done previously.

1st session 3:45-5pm.    Will be lead by Shirley Greagan.

**There will be a dinner provided between sessions

2nd session 6:00-7:15pm   Will be lead by Jack Gajewski.

Movie Nights


We periodically host these nights where we watch a movie and then discuss the themes throughout the movie.

nothing scheduled right now please check back later

Snacks and beverages will be provided.

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